Private Client Consulting

You Have Dreams, Let's Put Hooves Under Them


If you are in need of personal one-on-one advice to help with your equine endeavors, you've found the right place. 

With herds of happy, sound, well matched ponies, backyard, 

amateur and professional horses

under my belt,

I'm at your service.

From friendly one time expert advice about purchasing your first horse to full private consulting for international equine investment and development programs, existing program audits and live and virtual equine business leadership events, we'll help you to develop your vision or help boost what you already have.

  • Buyer's Advocate

    When it comes to purchasing a horse of any level, from your first to your fortieth, the waters can be clear and lovely, or full of sharks.  

    With multiple horses ranked in the top 10 in the nation, national champions, amateur champions, and regularly profitable investment imports paving a track record,  Leslie's system, integrity and long-established professional inner circle to working for you offers a fresh, professional and unattached perspective to help keep things above board.

  • New Equestrian Consulting

    You have held the dream long enough. Indeed, YOU are the inspiration behind the whole of The Complete Horse.  However, if you want more direct, personal assistance to help you step into the horse world,  we can walk through your aspirations with you and create a roadmap for your life with horses that fits 

  • General Management Review

    From a simple conversation to more involved advocacy and direction, we build the most important element in the horse world: solid knowledge that builds relationship.  Whatever your level, wherever you are in the world, what remains true is that the horse is constant. That is where we start.


    If you have the vision to take your equine dreams to the next level, or if you're ready to finally start with the first, we'd love to work with you.


  • Farm or Stable 


    Efficiency, comfort, and most importantly, safety, is often not so easy to see from the inside.  We offer a fresh view, insights and perhaps a few useful innovations and systems you may have never thought of to make your farm fit and exceed the vision you always had for it

 Warning - Time is a factor.  Opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with the information that will actually help you.  

Openings are very limited.

One Hour Phone Consultation

  • 1 Hour Phone Consultation

  • Purchasing Strategies 

  • Video Evaluations

  • Equine Business Strategy

  • Equine  Q & A


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If you're very serious, perhaps we can take it up a notch


For those interested in building something more, involving more long term direct consultation, please click below for more information and to check for availability and fill out a quick application so we're on the same page. 


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