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Leslie Goodyear

From the desk of Leslie Goodyear.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Dear Friends,


For years I have worked with folks around the world to build their big equine dreams.  Before now, The Complete Horse Private Membership has been an invitation-only kind of gig set up mostly for consultation for my high-end or long term clients.   


But in my bones, I wanted a place where anyone who has a heart for or interest in horses can have access to the best and most complete information available about horses and horse management in the friendly easy going welcome that is the cornerstone of every barn and program I help build.  


(and boy, right now are we building some amazing stuff in The Complete Horse).


The best part of this is that right now, I want a few people to benefit from the expansion we're building with The Complete Horse... 


so I'm doing a special limited opening for the shiny new Complete Horse private membership this month and I want to invite you to join me.  


You have arrived just in time... 

Rather than inviting you to a webinar that teaches you valuable new stuff and then tells you about the membership, I thought I'd save you some time and just invite you to come inside the members area and try it for yourself for a couple of weeks.  If you love it and want to hang around, AWESOME!  If not, you can simply cancel with no hard feelings whatsoever!  


ONLY with this offer, you will have access to The Complete Horse Membership as we continue to build - which means you will have access to me during live training, question and answer sessions, hot-seat sessions with members to assist with their equine troubles, scenes and dreams of any level, and a lot more.  


There is a deadline on this offer, (as you can see), but also it's only opening for a limited number members, so once we hit that number or the deadline, we're closing the door to this offer.


Here's the kicker...


As long as you remain a member, you will retain this very low price for The Complete Horse.  That means not only will you have access to the awesome membership benefits... you'll also have access to the library of Complete Horse Guide courses as they're released, the live webinars we're famous for, and all kinds of free bonus materials. 

...this kind of access is not going to happen again at this rate.  


Right now is the Golden Era at The Complete Horse... the good 'ol days folks will talk about down the road are happening right now, and I'd love for you to be part of it.

What We Are NOT...

Here's something you should know...


You're not going to learn to train your horse here.


Nor are you going to learn to ride.  


(There are just so many places to get really great information and solid trainers and instructors that are vastly better at teaching this than we are, frankly it would be a waste of your time.)


What you will learn here at The Complete Horse, are all of the elements that surround the ride that make you the confident, knowledgable, informed, aware horseman that will set you apart, keep you safer, and allow for the depth of experience that makes your time meaningful.   In addition to You will also learn ground-up management skills to keep your horse as healthy and happy and comfortable and sound as possible... all of which leads the way to great riding experience.


...and you'll have juust a little fun along the way



This is for you if...

  • If you always wanted to know more about horses but have maybe just been a little too self conscious to walk into a stable where everyone magically seems to already know the ropes
  • If you  know about horses but maybe want to discreetly fill in some gaps and shift your game
  • If you want to elevate your experience, communication and experience with horses and improve your confidence and natural leadership in everyday life 



The Complete Horse Membership... 

Some of what is happening

on the inside

  • Twice Monthly Live Webinars - Join Leslie for live webinars twice per month for real-time training in all equine topics - from interviews with equine leaders and experts for deep dive look into new innovations you can put to work immediately to nutrition and general management, safe barn designs, equine world news and events, product reviews, beautiful barn visits and live Q/A from members. This program is perfect for horse owners from all disciplines, and people who want to learn about and talk horses in a friendly knowledgeable place

  • Access to The Complete Horse Library -  Featuring every subject we can imagine, from breed insights, equine sports highlights, innovations (and their explanations to the laymen!) equine travel, history, art, general equinomics, general nutrition, stable and pasture management, conformation, purchasing strategies, and wild card topics that interest our members! 

  • Access to The Complete Horse Guide to Basic Horsemanship Introducing the core concept of "Absolute Presence" that makes The Complete Horse students uniquely skilled, this five week course offers the foundations of horsemanship most trainers and folks with horses expect you to know before heading into a barn, but may or may not actually teach you.  From preparation and safety to approaching and handling a horse from pasture to groom to tack... these are the foundations you need to know. 

  • Product Reviews & Innovation Station. Supplement your inner gear geek with good information.  We put things to the tough test - and get dirty doing it... so our members can know stuff without guessing... because we love our members. 

  • Ghost Webinars. Once in a while... and you NEVER know when... Leslie will pop up with a surprise bonus webinar with information, celebrity stable tours, interviews, breed features, live equine travel feeds (*hint: Buying trip!*), and really amazing (limited) giveaways.  Horsemen know it's good to be on your toes at all times - here's another reason why!  (Oh boy these are fun!)

  • Greenhorn Corner - (Originally and affectionately called "Boyfriend Fridays", so named for my amazing web guru who asked if there could be a course or specific place where he and his pals could learn how to "not look stupid in the barn in front of my sweetie, who is a horse gal - and not get kicked in the ...erm... backside... in the process")  This is actually the inspiration for all of The Complete Horse: to create a place where people can systematically learn everything they need to know about horses from the ground up, without pestering their horsey friends.  Yeah, sure, we have the upper level stuff for the experts - but this corner is for the horse dreamers and newbies who want to know all of those basic, foundation things they were magically supposed to know and know how to do.

  • Surprise & Delight  The most important of all things to us here at The Complete Horse.  You're just going to have to come on inside to see what this means.  

Become part of our inner circle!

Check it out today for only $35.00​/month

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