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The Complete Horse Ultimate Makeover Series is here!


Join Leslie for this unprecedented 8 week series that follows her "over the shoulder" style as she engages the exact techniques and timeline she uses to prepare multi-million dollar Thoroughbreds for the sale ring to bring her TCH own Friesian Stallion Vance from his winter off to completely show-ring fit and prepped for keuring and his chance to be invited to the stallion testing.


This series puts all of the other TCH Courses into practical practice in real time. It's full of special tips and tricks that Leslie has learned over the years that, frankly, she doesn't share with anyone because they give her horses that extra fairy dust that sets them apart.

Students will receive calendar, scheduling and progress downloads and access to our private group of horse preppers where Leslie will drop extra tips, ghost webinars, bonuses and contests and super fun incentives to keep the series fun and preppers on track!

The bonuses, special surprise guests and materials for this course are some of the best in the whole TCH stable!  It will be incredibly useful for those with horses they want to bring into their very best condition, and even for those who are dreaming about or love horses who want to join in the fun and learn no-pressure top-level horsemanship and management from a completely different perspective.

Things this course will employ:

  • -Progressive Fitness
  • -Nutrition & Supplements
  • -Farrier
  • -Veterinary Maintenance
  • -Schedules (with mileposts)
  • -Cool gadgets put to use
  • Bonus Materials (some of the best in TCH lineup.)


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