Would you like to master every aspect of equine care, management and ownership 

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Receive Full Access to everything we teach about  horses... 

We'll show you how to manage and care for your equine partner on a

world class level (without breaking the bank!) 

The world (and internet) is full of AMAZING instruction about riding and training your horse.  

The Complete Horse is different...

We are the best in the business with teaching beginners to experts everything they need to know from their first step into a stable, to international-level competitor equine management.  In addition to the most rewarding part of working with us (hands on horses, of course!) 


Our very heartfelt way to welcome you to The Complete Horse is to open the gates to all that we do for a limited group of people.  This includes live delivery of courses, webinars, ghost webinars, beginner series, master classes... everything that we can think of to help YOU have fun 


In addition to our existing membership, which is full of fun, comprehensive general information about horses, from equine sports and solid equine basics (presented with fun to our beloved "greenhorn corner")  to greatly advanced cutting edge innovations for high-level horse management...  


we will be offering full access to our whole stable of Complete Horse courses taught live, online, throughout the year.



Whether you're just gathering good information as you plan for your dream horse (or dream about your dream horse) or you're a horse veteran who wants a resource for more and front-line management insights,
you're in the right place,

and we'd LOVE to see you on the inside...

Introducing The Complete Horse Golden Ticket

Our Best Information... Under One Roof!
for a limited opening


We have taken a look at what we love the most about The Complete Horse, and with our amazing clients, students and members in mind, we have reimagined it to maximize our service to you! 


For the holders of the Golden Ticket, we will be teaching

courses through the rest of 2020 live online and releasing them in real time, week by week. So for this special group only, rather than selling the pre-recorded courses one by one (costing around $190 to $500 each), you'll have access to everything for our simple, regular membership price. 

  • First up is our Complete Horse Ultimate Makeover "Super Prep Series" (Starting the first week of March) This unprecedented series follows Leslie Goodyear  "over the shoulder" style as she engages the exact techniques and timeline she uses to prepare multi-million dollar thoroughbreds for the sale ring to bring her KFPS Friesian Stallion Vance from his winter off to completely show-ring fit to present him to Breed judges with the dream that he will be tagged with the honor of being invited to stallion testing in September. So there will be NO HOLDS BARRED! 

This series puts all of the other TCH courses into practical practice in real-time.  Its full of special tips and tricks that Leslie has learned over the hears that, frankly she doesn't share with anyone because they give her horses that extra "fairy dust" that sets them apart.  

  • Build from the beginning

    With foundations that are absolutely basic, you can finally fill in the gaps so you can walk into a barn actually knowing your stuff... (and avoiding that dreaded feeling of not... totally.) 


  • Over My Shoulder...

    A walk through the exact system Leslie uses with managing and prepping horses, and teaching private clients around the world.  This includes real-time testing of opinions and myth-busting to discover and illustrate the reality of horsemanship & equine management techniques.  

  • Innovations unmasked

    There is a lot of question out there about what works and what doesn't...  Leslie offers herself and her two sidekick stallions as crash test dummies for you, dear members...  to know once an for all if something is cool.

  • Just want to hang out? 

    For those who don't and never intend to have horses...  We welcome you warmly for the completely unique angles equine knowledge will provide for your life, your business... and your dinner party game... or merely your best childhood dreams.  For you, we also feature travel series, cultural equine events, fine art, etc...  
    We're only a little single minded around here... 

Not losing sleep wondering, but planning and deciding.

I hope everyone who walks into my barn has this information under their belt first.  They'll go straight to the front of the line for us to get to work actually riding!  Leslie is great.  If you have a chance to learn from her 

definitely take it." 

Linda Radigan

River Bend Jumpers

Among The Live Courses We Have Lined Up To teach our Golden Ticket Members this year... 

The Basics

From preparation and safety to approaching, handling a horse from pasture to groom to tack... these are the foundations you need to know

This 5 week course offers the foundations of horsemanship most trainers and folks with horses expect you to know before heading into a barn, but may or may not actually teach you!

The Foundations You Need to know...

The Costs

Remember the thing they say "purchasing a horse is the cheapest part"? Well... it's true. But it doesn't need to be a mystery and it doesn't need to be a shock - but it does need to be addressed!

This 3 week course takes a deep dive into the real costs of having horses, and helps find the places where you can save (and where you can't) and where you can splurge...

Included are budget planners and ideas for making it all work.

Real Numbers From Real Scenarios... 

Member's Choice Subjects Under Consideration: 

  • The Complete Horse Guide to Nutrition
  • Horseman's Veterinary
  • Home Stable Management

The Purchase

Whether this is your first run at buying a horse and you're looking for insight, or if you're a seasoned veteran who would like to add to your own bag of tricks to navigate the purchase of your next champion...

this is your place.


The Art of Building Your Deal



Accessible Anytime

Ghost Webinars

Bonus Giveaways!

& Answer

Training Modules


Fun Community

Start Learning Now Risk Free

Join The Complete Horse family now with our limited "Golden Ticket", and get started on your journey to taking your equine visions in hand and no longer experiencing the stress of uncertainty when it comes to the basics to full equine management of your dream horse, and your horse dreams.  We'll see you inside! 

  • Free Updates

    You will get all future course updates for free so you have the very latest information.

  • Instructor Support

    You will have direct support from the trainers during weekly Q&A calls during the course, and in our Facebook Group.

  • Membership Access

    While you maintain your membership, you will have access to everything we teach during The Complete Horse Golden Ticket Year.  At the completion of the year, you will gain lifetime access.// 

  • Watch on Any Device

    Access the course from your Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Computer.

Risk Free - 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our course that if you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of our training, simply ask for a full refund within 14 days. You can even keep all the bonus files.

Meet The Trainer

Leslie Goodyear
Equine Professional 


Leslie Goodyear is an advisor and strategist for equine business development and equine investments. Her work includes international business development, strategic partnership development, personal and business consulting, international equine export, equine management, purchasing, marketing strategy, etc., stretching from the United Arab Emirates and Europe to South America and across North America.

As the founder of The Complete Horse, Leslie's mission is to connect 30 years of solid equine business knowledge, inspiration and her awesome international network of experts with everyone from the dreamer to Olympian who wishes to know more about horses from a knowledgable fun place that is as welcome as a warm barn.


  • International Equine Business and Investments Manager (Acquisitions & Sales)

  • Purchase & Campaign Management of USEF Horse of the Year for Young Jumpers, Catango V

  • Private Equine Program, Facilities and Team Development Consultant

  • Preparation, Management & Sales of European Record Sales Topper Yearlings

  • Business and Leadership Development Corporate Advisor 

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