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to diligently assembling your online business presence...

these are the foundations you need to know

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You Have A Valid Dream, Let's put it into motion...

Set Your Target...


This thing started as an "SEO for Small Business" gig, but I realized something

The people I care about wanted more... they wanted to start in a different place.  In fact, they were just like me when I stepped into this whole digital marketing world, and were stuck at the beginning.  I had huge concepts, big international clients, a killer skill and a great voice, but at first, I didn't know how to actually systematically build even the basics of the powerful online presence that would serve as the vehicle for all of that.  To tell you the truth, it was was a bit embarrassing.


Building Solid Foundations

Many folks who have a solid business, marketable skill, service, book, product or great idea but may have missed out on some foundation information about how to actually physically build the systematic online presence to connect with and build your audience.  Far too often, they'e stopped at the start because they're waiting for some expert to have the time to help them.


We have all been there...

Please don't let any of that slow you down, because YOU are the inspiration for this course!  The genesis for this whole movement came from a single conversation I had with my Mom & Dad - very successful artists who had fallen a hair behind in the modern digital business world.  I built this course specifically with them in mind.


Your desire to build a business has to do with more than mere bucks...
 I know there's more to what you want to do than just making some big scratch.  If that is the cornerstone of your thinking, that's great, but the first week of this course will challenge that a bit, and push you into a different level of success mindset.  

(It's much more practical than it may sound.)

Everything we will build here together begins and ends with your perfect audience... made up of your perfect client or customer or big picture result.  This "Why" serves as more than a general bellwether, it is also the material that builds your solid armature - the structure upon which you will build your numerical targets and your hard goals, and that will serve to keep you on track for the long haul.  Done right, this framework will set you up from the start to level up over and over again as you build your business past the basics.  It is just as relevant for the creative who wants to sell their handmade works as it is for the wellness coach as it is for the multi-million dollar international agency. (I know, I work with all!) 


The Big Picture Of This Course

 When we reach the end of our six weeks together, you will have a clear picture of your vision and unique positioning, a picture of your perfect client & market and targets. You'll have a set plan to implement with

-Solid Framework

-That Builds HUGE Goodwill

-That Provides Value
-That Builds Trust

-That Builds Natural Conversion

Week 1 - Deep Define, Develop, Prepare + Your Market

Week 2 - Build It Up - Building Your Website Demystified

- WordPress Part 1 - Installing WordPress

- WordPress Part 2 - Getting it right under the hood

- Wordpress Part 3 - Making it pretty the easy way

- Wordpress Part 4  - Making it All Yours

Week 3 - Your Sales Process - Conversion By System

Week 4 - Your Social Network System (Goodwill City & Butterfly Net)

Week 5 - Social Power + Market Multiplier

Week 6 - Powering It Up (so you can get back to what you do best!) 

  • Net Effect

    The net effect of our work together is for you to have a foundational, comprehensive, professional business presence online, so you can find your perfect customer, build goodwill, make offers and still run your business

  • Lessons Taught Live

    Every Monday of the course there will be live training taught by Leslie Goodyear.  Following the training, additional implementation modules will be unlocked in your member's area. 

  • Live Q & A Sessions

    Get live help every week with details or issues that may be getting in the way with the actual implementation of your business. 

  • Twenty Four Seven

    All of the modules, including live training and pre-recorded deep dive sessions, will be available to you 24/7 from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection



  • Implementation

    What sets this apart from many courses is the emphasis we place on implementing what you are learning.  By the end of the course, our goal is to have your 


  • The Purpose of this

    The purpose of this is not only to make sales, but also to build your brand and set yourself up to make an impression that generates trust and creates an audience of people who like you and want what you're selling. 

With Our Compliments... 


Facebook Marketing Goodwill Strategy

Want to be in front of the cutting edge?


When it comes to marketing, we feel like we're in on an insider secret with this particular Facebook strategy that takes advantage of algorithm changes that hit late in 2018. 

Right now is the golden age of Social Media, and the strategy for supercharging your presence to grow your business is simple and very, very specific.  Learn how to compound your efforts to build massive goodwill, and an ever growing, loyal following of customers who are happy before they even buy from you.  (Value $695 ) 

SEO For Small Business

This is where the germ of the whole Digital Foundations course started.   While every part of what we build together in the course embraces a level of SEO best-practice not available anywhere else, this mini-course will super charge your understanding of SEO, and how to apply it to your entire web presence so Google "sees" trusts and ranks you highly and allows your business to be found.  In addition to the basics, we will cover a deep dive with keywords (including a little known hack!)  lazer-focused on-page optimization, titles and meta descriptions, the power of authority blogs, press releases, and "the power of the snippet!" (Value $2,400)

Lazer Clarity 


Also known as "Target Course"


This super fun session takes your incredible vision and shows how to clearly define your targets and then reverse engineer your business end game using super advanced tools...


A piece of paper and a calculator.  


This works like magic to break through barriers of intimidation, overwhelm and bottlenecks... and to keep you on track with your business growth.  (Value $249)

How To Sell Like A Horse Trader

Straight from the books of The Complete Horse business leadership series... You'll never walk into a deal the same way again... because nobody has a better system for buying and selling than an old seasoned horse pro.


Revenue Brain Storm


This hot-seat session is exactly like the early sessions I have with many high end private clients.  It takes a deep dive into your business and unique selling proposition and roots around for valuable new revenue streams, points of focus and ideas to build more pillars for your business.  

Surprise & Delight

A favorite concept taught by a favorite mentor...


Receive full lists and links of recommended tools, free downloads, worksheets and popup workshops designed to optimize your time, and supercharge your results

If you want your business to survive and grow in the age of technology, turn to a true expert - Leslie Goodyear. Down to earth and professional, her ability to take a business and reengineer its marketing campaign is astounding, and in the end, so elegantly simple. I recommend her to anyone looking to re-imagine and amp up the marketing of their business.  If you have a chance to learn from her, definitely take it ”

Denise Baddour, Discovery Networks, Light Path Media

 Warning - Time is a factor.  Opportunity is limited because this class will be taught live every week for six weeks, and in order to provide students with the attention and information that will actually help   
openings are limited to a specific number of  students.

Once we reach that number, the doors to the

live session close.

4 Week Online Course

  • Six Week Live Course

  • Replays Available 

  • SEO For Small Business

  • Facebook Market Strategy

  • Lazer Clarity Course

  • Weekly Live  Q & A


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4 Week Online Course (Monthly)

  • Six Week Live Course

  • Replays Available

  • SEO For Small Business

  • Facebook Market Strategy

  • Lazer Clarity Course

  • Weekly Live Q & A


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